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How Much Is Roberto Cavalli Vodka In Nigeria? New Price Plus Active Ingredients

How Much Is Roberto Cavalli Vodka In Nigeria? New Price Plus Active Ingredients

How Much Is Roberto Cavalli Vodka In Nigeria? New Price Plus Active Ingredients
  • July 03, 2021
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I Find the experience taking Roberto Cavalli Vodka intriguing, and I feel that you are here because we share the same view about this sophisticated and elegant Italian Vodka brand.

While others may think it strange to have Roberto Cavalli deviate a little away from making his clothes, sunglasses, shoes, and bags into producing a spirit, I rather share in his passion to produce a sophisticated Vodka like this. 


In his own words, Cavalli says: The art of Hospitality has always been one of my greatest and consuming desires, that is why creating this vodka felt very natural and to me. This vodka is crystal clear & transparent, pure, and brilliant as my ideal woman.


In this post, I will not only answer the question about How much is Roberto Cavalli Vodka in Nigeria (Current price), I will also cover other related areas such as: The active ingredients in the Roberto Cavalli Vodka, and the best ways to take the vodka for ultimate satisfaction.


Let's jump right into it.


So How Much Is Roberto Cavalli Vodka In Nigeria.

As a grocery store in Lagos Nigeria with current knowledge and information about vodkas, the current price of Roberto Cavalli vodka in Nigeria is ₦90,000. This includes the delivery cost to any part of the country too.

This sophisticated Spirit/Vodka is  produced and packaged By Roberto Cavalli in line with Italian tradition.

Active Ingredients in The  Roberto Cavalli Vodka.

In the table below, I have listed the active ingredients making up the Roberto Cavalli Vodka.


 Alcohol 40%
Flavor (Pineapple and Citrus) Not sure
Grapes/Blended Not Sure


How Best To Take The Roberto Cavalli Vodka For Ultimate Satisfaction.
There is not doubt about the fact that Roberto Cavalli Vodka is sophisticated. There is usually a problem of not knowing how best to take it for ultimate satisfaction.
In the video below, a detailed and step-by-step approach to mixing the Vodka has been explained.


So far, apart from answering your question regarding How Much Is Roberto Cavalli Vodka In Nigeria, I have also tried to touch on other very important areas of purchasing the Roberto Cavalli Vodka in Nigeria such as the ingredients and best ways to take the Vodka for ultimate pleasure.


Let me turn it back to you.


Are you as fascinated about this Vodka as much as I am?


Let me know what you think in the comment section below.


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